I am a devoted lover to the world game. From the age of four I have been involved, in one capacity or another, in football. Whether I am playing, supporting, referring or coaching, my admiration continues to grow for the world game. The deep passion that I have for the sport has inspired me to share my thoughts in this blog. My mates and I often verbal joust our opinions and views on football which has also had an immense influence on me doing what I’m doing.


I’ve been a Liverpool supporter since I was eight which hasn’t always sat well with a father that has been a lifelong Manchester United fan. My blood swells with pride every time I see the Socceroos play and I love the fact that our game is continuing to grow Down Under at all levels – junior, social and professional. It fascinates me how cultures come together on the pitch and for those 90 minutes differences are put aside while the game unites people around the world. This coming together, is a true testament to the game. Welcome to ShotsOnGoal where football matters.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Tor said

    Why are people so passionate about club teams? E.G Liverpool, Man U? What made you go for Liverpool at such an early age?

    One other thing can you do a blog on the womens game at some point?

    Keep the blogs coming……

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