Quality Not Quantity Please Rafa Benitez

March 22, 2009

Let’s just hope he uses the money wisely. I am referring to the 30 million pound war chest that Rafa Benitez will be given when the transfer window opens this summer. It is great that the manager will have more power when it comes to transfers, let’s just hope that he acquires quality talent. Rafa has a history of ‘gap filling’ when it comes to bringing players in to Anfield. With the exception of a handful of players – Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano – Benitez has admitted that he doesn’t always go after the best talent. He likened his purchase of Josemi for the right back position to a piece of furniture stating, “You don’t need to buy the best leg for your table. You need to buy the leg you need for your table.” Liverpool doesn’t need hole pluggers, they need top quality purchases. The Manchester Uniteds, Chelseas and Arsenals of this world don’t just plug holes. They either purchase a top quality international, or they invest in young prodigies who will blossom into excellent talent.


Looking at the players that Benitez has brought into Liverpool over the past five seasons is further evidence of his poor transfer policy. Of the 33 players that he has purchased over the last 5 seasons, he has moved on 11 of them. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that Rafa has not been satisfied with a third of the players he has spent money on. Hopefully the final straw was the Robbie Keane transfer debacle, which effectively lead to a 4 million pound 6 month loan deal. We all know this money could have been better spent.


Gareth Barry’s name is sure to be one that will be linked with Liverpool again this summer. Please help me understand why Benitez is so keen to ship Xabi Alonso off? He has been outstanding for the Reds this season. Rafa would be better off aiming for players in positions where we have shortages in high quality. Dirk Kuyt could surely do with some support on the right wing, in addition to another striker. David Villa anyone?


We can only hope that Rafa uses the money he has wisely. Purchase one top quality player or two very good players with the 30 million and not 10 mediocre players for 3 million. Let’s bring quality into the club, not quantity.


What are your thoughts on this shot?




One Response to “Quality Not Quantity Please Rafa Benitez”

  1. Deano said

    Ah yes, the all important question for every red scouse lover out there. Will the newly beloved Rafa(at least after the last 3 games, goldfish that you are..Boro anyone) spend wisely ie. not an english striker who is in form and scoring goals. Liverpuddle need a striker desperately to help an every weary looking Torres, yet his last acquisitions were failures in his eyes because they scored goals ie Belamy and Crouch maybe not Keane. Rafa do us all a favour and keep up the good work, buy another striker ala Kuyt or Babel and tell them not to act like strikers….voronin,ngog,el zhar.Manager or striker killer???

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